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Red gingseng and abalone essence

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Red gingseng and abalone essence



Red ginseng and abalone essence: Red ginseng and abalone essence, based on traditional method, is made of Kyung-Ok-Ko and specially processed abalone by Ku-Jeung-Ku-Po. It balances body metabolism and strengthens body, and relieves hungry sensation of people whose meal habit is irregular protecting power to sustain body healthily.


  • Red ginseng: Improves body energy
    - Preventing aging, anti-cancer, lowering blood sugar, relieving stress, recovering fatigue and improve body strength

  • Abalone: Containing sufficient protein, lime, vitamin B1, B12, Calcium, phosphorus and iodine, and it has been used to cure hypertension.

  • Baek-Bong-Ryung(Poria cocas Wolf.): Effective on enhancing spleen and stomach, soothing mind and body, hastening blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, removing phlegm and promoting urination.

  • Rehmannia glutinosa var. purpurea: Effective on lowering blood sugar, hastening blood circulation, preventing aging and promoting urination.

  • Honey: Effective on soothing mind and body, relieving constipation and stomach ache, recovering fatigue and preventing anemia




  • Net Weight : 600g